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Sunday, October 7, 2007

My First Real Cell Phone Conversation with my Son

For some reason, my household has been plagued by sickness lately. My wife had diarrhea after eating some bad ice-cream and was miserable for about two days. I had to take care of her, our son and maintain an orderly home for a period of 48 hours. This is no laughing matter and it's tough work. Since we have dwelled on the subject of taking things for granted from my last posts, let me just take this opportunity to once again acknowledge and give my salute to single parents. I don't know how they can do it because I could barely move after 48 hours while trying to hold down the family fort all by myself and meeting a project deadline at work. I prioritize what was the most important and do that first! I made sure my wife would be nursed back to health as soon AS POSSIBLE!

During the 40Th hour of my wife's suffering, I had to detour back to the office to attend for some urgent business. My son was sort of left alone while mommy was half asleep resting comfortably on the sofa where she could still occasionally catch a glance to see what else our son was destroying around the house. Later on, my wife told me that our little guy seemed to really enjoy himself because he wasn't supervised. He got to watch TV for 5 hours straight, followed by playing online computer games with NickJr, and to top it off with a grand central train track station mess in the middle of our living room. Mommy was too tired to yell after running in and out of the bathroom.

I called home on the 42th hour to check on mommy. I called her cell phone and it rang for several minutes but no one picks up. I called again and it rang for several times until my son picked up. This began a very neat experience with my son.
The first word that came out of his mouth prior to me saying anything was, hi daddy, mommy is tired and is sleeping and the rest of the conversation goes something like this:

Son: Hi daddy (Very gingerly and almost nervous soft tone voice).....mommy is tired and is sleeping.
Daddy: Ok..what are you doing since mommy is sleeping?
Son: Er.. mommy is tired and she sleeps a lot.
Daddy: Ok.. I know mommy is sleeping because she is not feeling well.
Son: Yesss..daddy..Mommy hurt in tummy.
Daddy: Mommy sleep a lot? What did you do when mommy is sleeping?
Son: Yes mommy sleep on bed a lot, Mommy sleeps mommy sleeps.
Daddy: Ok...son, did you play? did you play trains?
Son: Err..hmm mommy go to bathroom a lot and then sleeps and and I also hear noises from the bathroom..
Daddy: Er..ok..er.. Hmm... Are you ok son? Do you need daddy to come home?
Son: NO daddy! Not yet! I will cook dinner for you daddy! Don't come home yet...Mommy still not feeling well...Love you.. follow by CLICK!

I figure my son was doing quite OK after that first real phone conversation we had.


Will S. said...

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Kim Burnds said...

Love your post. You seem to have a mischief son. They are so cute when they act out that way.

Jessie said...

Hope mommy gets back on her feet soon. You need help and or else your son will be running the show soon. Long live the queen!

Paula Mimps said...

Your salute is well appreciated. I am a single mom myself but I have a great relationship with my Ex. He does help out.

Sarah jones said...

What an adorable little guy you have there. He is precious.

Jeremy Balnop said...

Been there for sure. My first phone conversation with my little girl was HELP!!! our dog chew off the head of my barbie..daddy help.

Melisa J said...

I had the worse diarrhea as well for the past few days and my Hubby had to take care of me. We don't hv kids but we do have 5 dogs. My hubby was huffing and puffing as well after the second day. It is always a pleasure to read this blog.

Bola said...

Great post,hope your wife recover soon.Love to your wonderful son.And keep being such a wonderful husband an dad.

Phil Hue said...

Sounds like your son got it all cover!

Brenda said...

What a cute conversation. I wish my 15 year old son still talks like that. wish wish....

Apple Oracle said...

Your son is really cute!

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The Van Goat Ranch said...

What a cute post! I really like your blog a lot. I'm going to make it one of my regular haunts. Thanks for visiting!

Bro. Tee said...

Some Dad's do have them. (lovely Son)
Hope your wife is okay now. Nice blog you have here.

Anonymous said...

Nice! and the picture looks just like my youngest son about 20 years ago, except the phone is smaller! ;-)

fine art of fathering http://faof.wordpress.com said...

cell phone calls with your kids are the best!