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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It rreeeally HURTS!

As you may know, my son has been in and out of the hospital for the past 12 months. The early symptoms of his Nephrotic Syndrome relapse seems to start with a stomachache followed by lost of appetite and then lost of energy or sluggishness. Edema begins next around his facial area, his urine begins to look foamy and by now, he is pretty much not doing anything besides laying on the couch waiting for our doctor to call for approval to be admitted in to the hospital. This is basically his routine prior to being admitted in to the hospital.

At the hospital, he's given full attention by the nurses, doctors and of course his very worried parents. Anything he asked for, he would pretty much get it. If he wants ice-cream, then ice-cream it is that he will get. If he wants to play computer online games or watch a certain tv program, he would get it. He basically receives a full ride when he gets sick.

When he is well and at home, he's been given responsibilities and chores just like any other normal kid. One of his responsibilities is to set up the eating utensils each time before a meal.

Over The last few days, he's been complaining about having stomach pains when it is approaching lunch or dinner time. Other than his complaining at these particular times, he did not show any other symptoms. So, I decided to test him out to see whether he was for real or just pretending.

Mom: It's dinner time, Somebody needs to set the table.
Son: ...eerrrr.....I am not feeling well.
Dad: What's wrong son
Son: It hurts..
Dad: Where son, are you ok?
Son: Mmmm...It hurts..
Dad: Where does it hurt? Is it here(Pointing to the head, eye, hand, butt, nose and then feet and purposely don't point to the stomach)
Son: No..here..Dad.. here
Dad: Where?? Is it here? (Pointing at the all wrong places again..)
Son: No No NO..here.. IT hurts here
Dad: O you mean, you are hurting here..pointing above his abdomen area on purpose.
Son: (Getting agitated) NO NO NO NO NO NO...Here...tummy tummy.(circling around his tummy with his palm)..
Dad: O I see. Then we need to go the hospital right now and you need to get poked!
Son: ....(hesitating)...hmm...It's ok dad, it hurts only a little bit.
Dad: But we must be careful, we need to go now. Mommy get the keys!
Son: I am hungry..
Dad: You are hungry or hurting?
Son: I am hungry and hurting and I am tired. I can't move well.
Dad: (Forced to use the ultimate Scheme and it works each time) Ok son, why don't you rest first and daddy will help you set up the table.
Son: Thanks dad.
Dad: O..you want to play your favorite online game Nickjr?
Son: (Suddenly bounced off from the couch and forgot that he was "feeling" sick or miraculously got heal, jumps up and down and says YES YES dad..I want to play.
Dad: THEN SET the table first! After you eat, you can play 5 minutes!
Son: ..(getting back to the couch slowly)..hmm. my tommy is hurting again Daddy.

AND back to square one!

See this funny clip below: Who did the kaka?


Rachel Grant said...

Your son is hilarious. How funny!

Alex Ribus said...

I love the who did the kaka video..It sure reminds me of home.

SK said...

First of all, pardon me, I do not know what is Kaka and why the daddy is so angry?

Anyway, one of the boys is lying and interestingly, the baby in the first video is faking to fall to get attention, and fall that hard? or is it a video trick?

Sabrina of London said...

I believe Kaka means Poop or something bad and is similar to Bubu.

At such tender age your son is able to manipulate. :) Watch out. Give him another few years...he may just take over the world.

Becca Tumes said...

Great family humor.

Lotus Flower said...

What a precocious child. Surely a joy in your life.

As I read the post, I remember my own children when they were still very young. And there's smile on my lips.

Thanks for bringing that smile.


Paul said...

Kids does come up with the most imaginative things especially ones that are smart. You obviously is going to have your hands full in a few years. Take care and very funny indeed.

Mommy dearest said...

When it comes to strong will kid, it's always back to square one. I try to convince my son that there is no monster inside his closet after watching monsters inc. He finally convice me there is one by putting Boo stuff animal inside his closet. He ended up sleeping with us for a few days until I had to outthink him and move Boo to underneath our bed! :)

Anonymous said...

AW I hope your boy feels better soon. I mean I get that he was milking it a bit, but it still can not be much fun (for any of you) My son has a knack for needing to use the bathroom about a million times while doing the dishes. Either his bladder is the size of a pea, or its a diversion tactic.

Anonymous said...

Sound like my little one. Only time his tummy hurts is when he's asked to do something. I'll be back to read more.

shirley said...

My nephew was born with nephrotic syndrome. My sister was able to give him her kidney and save his life. He has had quite a number of really scary trips to the hospital, and been close to death quite a few times. But those scary trips have gotten fewer and fewer as the years have gone by. He is now in high school and doing great.

MorganLighter said...

We have no words to express how we feel, so suffice it to say that we admire people who can laugh in the face of sickness.
My wife and I wish you all the best and know that you and yours are always in our thoughts and prayers.
To sk - Kaka - is doo-doo, poo-poo, bm, you get the idea.

martoon said...

It really does kill the muscles doesnt it :D It is a good work out too tho. Sweeping craze still.

I love the cloud/fart graphic too. Keep up the good work.

Jafabrit said...

Oh my goodness the temper tantrum video is hilarious (I remember those days LOL).

Having children can be such a humbling experience and thank goodness we can have a sense of humour to get through it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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