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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Not for Granted

It's been a whirl wind few weeks. My son contracted Chicken pox toward the end of last month and since then, his health has been a roller coaster ride. I almost wish we could have some sort of frequent flyer reward program on our trips to the hospital. By the grace of God, our little guy is finally recovering admirably and have been stable for two weeks. He is back to his old active monkey self. Through out the frequent stays in the hospital, our boy resorted to pass his time by reading which is a great trait to acquire. He is now very familiar with two popular children's book character. One is call "NO David" by David Shannon and "Olivia" by Ian Falconer.
My son loves the mischievous David and often immitates his behavior but he knows at the end of each David story, he would always reconcile with his mom and dad. On the character Olivia the other hand, he also identify with the fact that this lovable pig simply wears people out by her wide variety of different interest.

Wish there is really such a magical machine! See below cartoon.


Red Girl said...

Your son is a riot!

Shirley Vins said...

I wish I have a son like that! Keep it up and love them all you can

sabrinasmoneymatters said...

How sweet, little boys are so fun, my son just turned 10, not so little anymore, but it was so fun when he was that age.

Congrats on the recovery of your little munchkin, our kids being sick is always very stressful, constant worry.

mcewen said...

They're certainly two of our favourite books.
Fingers crossed that your on the road to recovery now.

The Chick said...

We love the David and Olivia books!

PH Baird said...

I have Olivia on my bookshelf!...great book

gogogo27 said...

for visiting. Good luck !