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Friday, May 11, 2007

Pine Cone Power!

Note: This is part II of Little Dragon Girl.
No... my little guy was not chased by any enemies, and obviously he is not an orphan. At best it is just me or his mom (his "arch enemy" at times) who chases after him for not cleaning up before a meal or not flushing his potty after his number 2. Picking up where we left off from the story, my little guy met his Little dragon girl while he was being babysat by her mom. Instantly, little dragon girl and my son just seemed to click, but of course not in the way of the Condor hero trilogy but rather a brother and sister type relationship. For God's sake, it will be a real taboo that a three and half year old falling for a twelve year old. In fact not a taboo but downright weird. Molly is her name and she is a pretty long hair and big eye twelve year old girl who has a sunshine smile. They do share unforgetable stories together. This is one of the stories. My son for some reason is afraid of pine cones. Yes pines cones! He somehow picked up the fear for pine cones and we had no idea when, why and where he started being fearful for these little Chirstmas tree like ornaments. We found out about this fear when we took him out to our future church building site that had acres of pine trees. Naturally with pine trees come pine cones. These little cones were all over the grass field. My son saw these cones and refused to walk or even moved until he saw, you guess it right, Little dragon girl. Little dragon girl would call out his name and somehow he would forget where he was at and ran towards her. This part does resemble a bit of the Condor hero trilogy where the two main characters were separated when fleeting from their enemies, but somehow they always found each other again. That "found each other again" moment is the same type of moment my little boy seemed to have when he heard little dragon girl calling his name. We later found out through little dragon girl why my little boy had such phobia towards pine cones--they looked like doo-doos to him. Spiky little brown doo-doos all over the grassfield. Nowadays when we go to this new church site, little dragon girl would have to carry him about. My son is closing in to 40 lbs and she is at most 80 to 90 pounds. She would carry him all over the site making sure his fear is calm and that is the reason why we call her his "little dragon girl". She somehow always rescues him from being "chased" by his "enemies"--those doodoo like pinecones.

Stay tuned for more on my son's little dragon girl.

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Angeli Daemonicus said...

This is so cute ^^
I like this "little Dragon Girl" thingy. And yes, I'd love to exchange links. I'll put yours on my site today.

Princess Haiku said...

Hi, stopped to have a read and say hello.

Princess Haiku said...

Oh-BTW Let's exchange links.

Eros said...

Hi Milton,
Thank for your visit and I loved your blog !
However I didn't understand your question!
I don't think that your blog needs improvements ;-) It's perfect.

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chingkkay said...

cool site, ill put you in my site, then let me know if you've done it same way, so i can visit here regularly.thanks

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Dropping by to say hie! The owl looks cute!

Sharon said...

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Would you like to exchange links?

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MoonDanzer said...

Love your site and added you as a link....I do so hope you will add me as a link to yours.

Stacy said...

Wow!! more stories please!!

So pretty!

cooltopten said...

cool site , sure I,ll exchange links with you.

mommy of 2 angels said...

this is so sweet...ur son's own lil' angel.

Sue said...

My soin (2) calls pinecones porcupines which I think is priceless!
I am glad you sent me a message - I noticed that my old site was stil up in MyBlogLog - I will update that now! Exchanging links is always a good idea!

queertardo said...

gorgeous blog. thank you for visiting mine. i really can't think of anything to improve- it's flawless.

Thiane said...

You are on my Technorati favorites. And I´ll link you as well.

Comfy suzie said...

I love your writings. Are you exploring ways to put these stories in to a book? I will be your first fan. Keep it up!

Love how your story flows.

labmice said...


I've already added your site as a link.


JoAnn said...

Great writing! You have a nice way of keeping us reading...wish I had more time but I'll come back again to read some more :)