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Saturday, May 28, 2011


FatCow website hosting company won the Top Web Hosting Award from webhostingmasters.com in 2011. As we always do, here is the least inexpensive and best FatCow promotional pricing available. As well as a deep analysis of FatCow and how they stack up against the other top web hosts. As of right now…they are our #1 web host!  Best over all value…hand’s down (although we like Hostmonster a lot as well). FatCow is what most web hosting users are really looking for, small business (or personal) web hosting that really delivers on value and customer service.  These guys rock the socks.

  • Fantastico Script
  • Superb Cpanel
  • Unlimited Traffic & Space
  • FREE Domain with Setup
  • Top Notch Security – Double Firewalls
  • 99.99% Uptime
As the name of this web hosting provider suggests, FatCow has taken some what different approach to marketing of their services. First time visitors to FatCow Web Hosting, will have difficult time to resist a chuckle or two as they read through “nutrition fats” and “cowbells and whistles”. FatCow Web Hosting has been in business since 1998. My fatcow review is a strong thumbs up!

FatCow Oath – These guys put their money where there mouths are and will give you 1 month’s FREE hosting if you call up their support team and somebody gives you attitude or geeks out on you.  You don’t have to deal with temperamental nerds at this company…sweet!  If you’ve never had to deal with a hosting company before, trust me, this can happen to you and steam your grill faster than a big tank of propane.  Jerks.
We want non-techy, don’t have to think about hosting and that’s what this company provides to it’s customers, set it and forget it, with no attitude, so you can focus on building your site and not scripts and tech junk.


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