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Monday, April 12, 2010

Are you a procrastinator? I am back!

Yes I am back! and I know it's already April!..but better than not be back. Glad to find myself writing once again and I thought of a good subject to write on. Procrastination! Talk about fitting the bill! Here are some of my thoughts.

Ask yourself, “In what ways do I procrastinate?” Sit down with pen and paper. Writing them will help you focus and identify them more clearly. Here are some ways where people procrastinate:

• paying bills
• not discussing the complaints you’ve received about a member of your team for fear of hurting his/her feelings
• repeatedly postponing a dental appointment because you’ve got better things to do
• not returning the call of your son’s teacher because you know what the problem is and you’re fed up
• not discussing your resentment about your husband spending too much time at work or with his buddies
• not getting that hair cut, that dress dry-cleaned, that donation mailed
• not visiting a sick relative in the hospital
• not telling your significant other you no longer love her/him
• not calling your doctor about that persistent numbness in your right arm or not fixing a colonoscopy exam
• not having the car’s squeaking brakes checked
• not going to confession because you never know what the priest’s schedule is
• not sending that overdue thank you note or making that overdue call to your mother-in-law

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suZen said...

Glad you are back!!! That's great - hope you didn't procrastinating about starting up again! haha!

I cured myself of procrastinating by being a list freak - also daily journal writing. Works for me!

Monika said...

I am enjoying your blog - not bad for a dad :) - if I may make a suggestion: instead of writing down what you procrastinate on/about write a solution for each procrastination - much more positive & gets faster results! just a thought...