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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A tear for two hearts.

My son is never short of imaginations. He could come up with endless different type of fight sequences between his figurine characters or come up with excuses not to sleep at night. He would come up with the grossest things to say at the most inappropriate time. I was reading to him one night before he slept. Normally I would read him about two books and that's all it will take to get him to close his eye lids. Not this night, I was up to the fifth book and he was still asking me to read more. In our home, we really advocate reading but this is getting a bit too much. It was late and so I told him to try counting sheeps if he couldn't sleep. Twenty minutes later, I sneak pass his room to check on him. It seemed he had already moved on from counting sheeps. Instead he was counting potatoes.

One potato
Two potato
Three potato
Yellow potato
Red potato
Old potato
New potato
Old potato
Black dots potato
Sprouting potato
Green potato
Blue potato
Wormy potato
Gooey potato
Ewww... potato

Two minutes later, he was snoring. My wife just couldn't stop laughing after hearing such cuteness. In the middle of the night, he would wake up again. He would bring his favorite beat-up smelly blankie, stuff animal D-O-G of equal odors over to our room and spends the remaining of the night in between us on our bed.

One night, I was awaken by our little boy tossing around on our bed. Sandwiched between us, his sleeping face turned to me and with his eyes closed but his lips were moving. He seemed to be uttering or whispering something. At first, I thought he wanted something like water but as it turned out, he was whispering somebody's name. I couldn't quite make out what this name was but it sounded like the name starts with the letter "J". It wasn't just one name he whispered but a couple of names and they both start with the letter "J".

Morning came and off I went to work. The day quickly passed and it was time for me to come home. I came home and right before I entered my home, my wife grabed me and asked me to take a peak at our little son. He was playing on his own in his room. I asked my wife, what's going on and she didn't say much of a word but simply urgef me to go take a peek. I went up and passed by our little boy's room. I didn't find him there and I called out his name but no response. I got a little bit more curious and mommy was being mysterious as well. I decided to look in my studies and indeed I found him there. He had a headphone on and was on the computer. Curiously, I look at the computer screen and it was on walmart.com. I ask him why is he on this page since he is normally on children game sites. He said, I saw mommy on this site earlier and she bought a CD for me. She said the CD will be here in a few days. Mommy got me books. Mommy also told me, there are a lot of things here on walmart.com and it's a big big store. All you have to do is type in what you want in this search box here and boom it will come out. See daddy, I type in Lego, and out it comes. This is so cool but daddy could you help me spell Jeremiah and Jubilee?

Mommy was standing outside the room shedding a few tears. Our little boy must of heard our conversation one night about Jeremiah and Jubilee.

To be continued


Azure Islands Designs said...

Little kids do say the darnedest things don't they...my children are adults now and my grandson is 11 so I do miss the chatter of little ones!!!Counting potatoes is priceless...very imaginative!!

Pamela said...

My son counts toys before he sleeps. He is very protective of all his toys.

Jessi M said...

Those eggs sure looks delicious. Your son is very imaginative about potatoes. Hope he sleeps in a dreamy manner as well. Love your blog and writing.

Dr Mom said...

what a great idea on counting potatos...my son counts different French Fries from different fast food chains.
Mc donalds
Local Diners

and on on on...

These Modern Times said...

Nice looking blog, Milton. Love the pics and the writing is fresh. Best, TMT

Your Wedding Coach said...

Awwww, how cute!

Moondancer said...

Great story blog and I just love how your son uses his imaginations. He seem like a very likable young little fellow. Keep it coming.

Buzzing J said...

Again, another very engrossing story ... Nicely written. Will be waiting for your next installment.

T J K said...

Compelling as always. I wonder what happens next.

Paul Larson said...

It's amazing that your kid is able to understand the internet even in it's elementary stage. You got someone special there.

Bob Puma said...

You bring great suspense and I can't wait for the next installment.

Lenny said...

Your son sure got an active imagination. I just wish I can be as well. I am 40 though instead of 4. Youth is priceless.

Joanne Cucinello said...

There's no doubt about it . . . these are the years to cherish and stay awake through . . . so you don't miss a thing! Stay tuned!