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Monday, March 3, 2008

1000 EXCuses to SLEEP with you

It's 10.30pm at night and the rumblings have begun in our bedrooms. Almost everynight, we go through the same routine since we took our 2.5 months vacation in Asia. We enjoyed paradise, quietness, tranquility, fun and traveling adventure. We slept and ate like pigs. I already miss those days. Settling back to normacy after such a long vacation is always challenging especially for a four-year-old imaginative young boy since he expects nowdays to mirror the 2.5 month vacation days.

Our battle usually begins like this:

"Time for bed YOUNG man! mommy and daddy need to sleep soon and you need to be on your bed with your eyes close."

Son: I want to play
Dad: It's late and it's dark outside.
Mom: We have a lot of things to do tomorrow and you need to get up early so go to sleep.
Son: ok mom and dad. (After 10 mins Son walks in to our room)
Son: Can you please turn on the CD for me?
Dad: Ok, I will be there son.
Son: (After another 5 minutes or so, he walks in to the room again) Dad, can you turn on the fan for me please.
Dad: Hmmm...OK son..get back to BED!
Son: (Walks in again in to our room after several minutes) Mom would you help me change to a different CD?
Mom: Ok son..mom will be there
Dad: This is it son, you need to sleep now!

After about another 10 minutes or so, mom and dad hear a little sobbing in little son's room. What's going on son?

Son: Daddy, can you read me a book please?
Dad: It's LATE! and you need to sleep soon..but still gives in and reads him a book.

Son seems to be happy now and is almost asleep. Dad leaves room to go back to his room. Ten minutes later the "miniature dad torturer" follows right behind and says, "Dad! It's too dark outside, can you make it brighter?" "Son! it's night time! and you need to go back to your room and sleep."

Son: But dad, I am scared!
Dad: All your friends are asleep now and you need to be too as well.
Son: O...K....(Finally agrees reluctantly after mommy tucks him in)

At 2.30am, our little boy walks in to our room once again and sleeps with us through the morning. I have to say this has been happening every night since we got back from our vacation. One morning, I decided to have a more serious Daddy and little son talk about his recent behavior of not wanting to sleep alone and coming over to sleep with us every night.

Dad: Son, you have your own room and you need to sleep in your own room at night. Only babies still sleep with mom and dads, Are you still a baby? Do you want daddy to put diapers on you?

Son: No. I am not a BABY. I am a boy but I like sleeping with you all.

Dad: You need to sleep earlier and sleep in your own bed son. All your friends sleep earlier than you and in their own room.

Son: Dad, I am scared, it's too dark outside, I am not tall enough to change the CD's in the CD player, my room smells funny, My room is hot (It's 32 degress outside and we keep our rooms at 64 degrees), Elmo is looking at me funny, I didn't brush my teeth, my pillow is too big for my head, my butt itches and my bed it too big..and my......... (on and on he goes)

Dad: Son, you are growing up and you need to learn to sleep in your own room.

Son: When we were in Malaysia and Hong Kong, we all slept together dad...WHY?

Dad: Because we were on vacation!

Son: What is vacation?

Dad: SON...enough...you need to try to sleep in your own room.

Son: Can we go back to vacation?

This is a conversation that my little son is determined not to end it by keeping up with more questions.

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Anonymous said...

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Katy Huggins said...

Wow.. My son was the same way and we had our vacation about 3 years ago and he is now 9!

FeelingFlirty said...

I think every parent goes through this at one time or another. It's tough for some kids. I had one that really stressed when he was alone so I'd let him in bed with us and then carried him back to his bed when he was asleep. After a while he decided if he was going to end up in his own bed he'd just stay there to begin with.

fwidman said...

Wow, that is one stubborn young boy LOL
I know parents all seem to go through this and the kids get over it but it does take time. I hope your son is quick about it :)

Paty said...

Our son came up with, there are strange sounds coming from his own tummy as an excuse to sleep with us. :)

Lian said...

Even with his bed next to ours, my son will eventually crawl into our bed in the middle of the night. And ironically, the baby sleeping next to me ends up on the next bed. Hmm.....

Helen Ginger said...

Keep working on getting him to stay in his bed. It may take a while, but as the saying goes, this too shall pass. Perhaps not before you turn into the walking dead, though.

Grandma Moon said...

It does take some time for little boys but once they hit the teen years, they won't even want to stay at home.

Tavris said...

I have twin boys and they both love to crawl up to bed with us almost every night. Good thing they are not fat.

Sunshine said...

My son is still asking questions just to annoy me and stop me from asking him questions. He did however outgrow the fact of wanting to sleep with us. THANK GOD!

MorganLighter said...

A shot of whiskey should do the trick and if that doesn't work, I know you have a roll of duck tape that you've been saving for some special purpose. Then there's always sending him to Grandma's house - hopefully she lives out of state.
Just trying to lighten things up.

Liara Covert said...

Children offer so us so many opportunities to learn about ourselves, the reasons behind our self-created limits and rules. It can be useful to remind ourselves how to see the world from a child's perspective. We won't always agree, but we won't always see the logic in our adult point of view and behavior either!

Anonymous said...

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Freaky Mom said...

Patient is the key to parenting. You just somehow have to muster up all the strength you got to outlast them.

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Buglady603 said...

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